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Our State of the Art RFID Smart Technology Utilizes Choke Points to Track Weapons and Gear or Anything That Goes in Or Comes Out


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Armory Weapons Tracking Software Systems, RFID Weapons & gear tracking systems

Software and Bar Code Tracking


ARMS includes a 'Weapon/Gear Tracking Screen' that enables staff to enter an item # by keyboard, or scan a bar code or RFID tag on an item (using a USB connected bar code or RFID scanner), to indicate an item that is being issued to personnel or returned to the armory.  The armory, or the person  to whom item(s) are being issued, can be entered by keyboard, selected from a drop-down list on the Tracking Screen, can be captured by scanning a bar code on an ID card/badge, or by scanning bar codes printed on sheet(s) of paper (each person/place is printed as a text field and is represented by a bar code on the sheets).  As such, ARMS provides robust performance and tracking capabilities, with minimal investment, using software screens and/or USB-connected scanning devices.


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tracking


RFID Radio Frequency technology is the state-of-the-art in weapons tracking, and is achieved by placing special RFID tags within or on weapons and gear.  The RFID tag # is linked to the Weapon or Item Serial # within the database.  Staff can also be RFID-identified, by using RFID name badges issued to each authorized person (or RFID labels can be placed on existing name badges or name badge lanyards).    


RFID antennas are placed around Armory issue-windows and/or doorways, and will passively detect each person and the item(s) passing into or out of the Armory, by saturating pass-through zones with radio waves {emitted by RFID antennas positioned around doorway(s) and/or issue-window(s)}.  Motion sensors are placed on each side of the doorway or window, to establish directionality (Issue or Return), based on which sensor is first triggered.  The sensors also turn on the RFID equipment, and the RFID antennas detect the items and/or people coming into or leaving the armory.  The RFID data (item(s), person, RFID read-zone location) updates to the ARMS database and also logs the time and the date of the transaction.  Flashing light stacks and alarms can be implemented as part of RFID implementations, and will trigger based on business rules (unauthorized access, unauthorized removal, failure to return an item, etc.). 


After shift changes, and whenever otherwise appropriate, Portable RFID Scanners are typically used to rapidly inventory weapons and other gear, which uploads to the database and automatically generates inventory reports and inventory exceptions reports.  Portable scanners can also be used to inventory items issued to posts or other non-armory locations.  Additionally, portable RFID scanners enables specific or missing items to be found, by operating similar to a metal detector to guide Users to a specific item.



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