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Our State of the Art RFID Smart Technology Utilizes Choke Points to Track Weapons and Gear or Anything That Goes in Or Comes Out


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RFid solutions for weapons and armory tracking

RFID technology is being used by the US Army to track 110,000 military insignias with alarm system at doorway to prevent theft; the USAF to track weapons and gear in their armory; by the State of California to track over 600,000 museum artifacts; by the State of Arizona to track Crime Scene evidence;  by the State of Massachusetts to track Court File Folders and by a wide range of customers for a wide range of people and items.


RFID is used to track emergency personnel at a tragedy or track equipment inventories in and out of a situation area.


Police and military use RFID to track evidence as it goes from secure storage to court and back. Utilizing electronic weapons tracking software elimiates all the clipboards and time it takes to log it all in.  Just pass the weapons and gear through our RFID detection zones for immediate processing.  The software also verifies all certifications for weapons are up to date and that the recipient has authorized access for certain gear.



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