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Our State of the Art RFID Smart Technology Utilizes Choke Points to Track Weapons and Gear or Anything That Goes in Or Comes Out


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Our Armory Management Weapons and Gear Tracking System Software is optimized for Weapons/Gear Accountability, by tracking weapons, gear and defensive equipment using software screens, bar codes and/or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technologies. The software is fully developed, Commercial Off-the-Shelf software, and is typically further customized according to each customer's specific requirements.

Our Weapons Tracking Software is a rapid-application-development toolkit that enables the software to be rapidly configured according to each customer's preferred terminology (data fields), and to automate workflow and generate reports consistent with current or preferred military protocol for operational practices.


Military PersonnelIn addition to tracking weapons and gear, the software provides software components to track weapons cleanings, inspections, maintenance, test firings and similar functions. ARMS also includes functionality to track and look-up weapons certifications, 'Do Not Arm' status, items-required-for-a-post, and similar database lookups during transfer and return processing.

A single database 'instance' of armory management software can be further configured to model and track a wide range of additional items, such as records, evidence, assets, people, vehicles or similar entities. The software is available hosted, or can be installed on local server(s), with cross-platform support for Windows and Linux environments. Armory management software is scalable to unlimited item types, locations, users and records.

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Military Weapons Storage Tracking Worldwide

Do you have weapons stored in armory locations worldwide and need a RFID tracking solution to track the inventory at location and track weapons worldwide when moved around or issued off location?  Do you need to track weapons or gear, know who has them, and be able to track from location to location anywhere in the world?  Armory Management Software ARMS is your answer. Ask us how to do it for your specific need.

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